Windscreen broke a camping stove

I went camping last weekend, and in an attempt to make a friend's small MSR stove more efficient, we placed an impromptu windscreen around it, that was originally made for use with a lantern.

The result:
  • after a few minutes, the flame mysteriously went out
  • when I tried to turn off the gas, the flame adjuster gave me a second-degree burn on my finger
  • the plastic "clicker" that would spark the gas to a flame had completely melted
  • we could no longer untwist the burner from the fuel canister, because the valve on the canister had broken and would spew fuel at full force if we tried to untwist it
I do not like to think of this, but we were probably seconds away from having the whole canister explode, it had overheated so much. And this was a reliable stove that had lasted years.

Now I'm not so sure of trying out the windscreen I made in this post! I'll definitely leave it in a more "open" position and only half-surround the stove. Any suggestions and safety tips for using a windscreen around a stove?

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