Making the switch to ultralight

I've been getting more and more enamored by how lightly the ultralight hikers travel, so I've decided to switch. I've been slowly switching my "big 3", and have so far replaced my tents, sleeping bag and backpack, with the latest item being the Mariposa Plus Ultralight backpack from Gossamer Gear; I asked for it for Christmas. :)

Here is how much my old gear weighed:

Category Item Model Weight (lbs)
Shelter and Sleeping System Tent Unknown 6.8
Shelter and Sleeping System Sleeping Bag Eddie Bauer 30-50 w/ Comfort Shell 6
Packing Backpack Kelty 75? ~4

Here is the weight of my new gear:

Category Item Model
Weight (lbs)
Shelter + Sleep System Tent Big Agnes Fly Creek UL2 2.625
Shelter + Sleep System Sleeping Bag North Face Women's Cat's Meow 20 deg 2.625
Packing Backpack Gossamer Gear Mariposa Plus Ultralight 1.39375


That's almost a 50% reduction in weight! I can't wait to try them all out, together. How much does your "big three" weigh? Share in the comments!

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