The most random hiking encounter and party ever!

While backpacking the weekend with my Dad, we were shocked and surprised to see signs to a Hungarian meetup. We're Hungarian, and there aren't that many of us around, so imagine as our excitement as the signs read "you're 3/4 way there, you're halfway there, you're almost there", etc. As it turns out, there was a cabin party / Hungarian meetup / potluck one mile in on that same trail, on the very same day we were there!

Partying it up with some of our new friends
We ended up having amazing home-cooked food for lunch, drinking wine and moonshine pálinka (incredibly strong fruit spirits), and making tons of new friends, before continuing on our path up to camp. We ended up hiking hours later and several pounds heavier (in our bellies) than we expected to, but it was worth it. This was the most amazing random hiking encounter ever!

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