Pine chewing gum

During a hike in the Sierras, I found a some pines with huge chunks of fresh sap. I remembered that when I was little, I had read in The Sign of the Beaver that you can chew the sap into a chewing gum. So I tried it for myself!

The sap wad was still soft on the inside, but with a firm crust.

I took a wad about the size of a large gumball and started chewing. In the beginning, it wasn't very pleasant, it stuck into my teeth and tasted bitter with a strong pine taste. My hiking partner thought I was crazy.

After about 30 minutes, I got "proper" gum. It was stretchy, no longer stuck to my teeth and had a more pleasant, mild pine taste. If you try this yourself, keep in mind that you'll need a lot of patience!

The pine gum is pretty stretchy. You can't blow bubbles, though.

 Share your experiences or other cool on-the-trail snacking tips in the comments!

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