Awesome Places to Shop for Outdoor Gear

I've had several people ask me where I shop for camping and backpacking gear. These are my go-to stores, whether I'm just browsing or looking for something in particular.


They carry only quality gear from name brands; any gear you get at REI will last you years. Plus, they have an amazing return policy. Become a member and shop at the quarterly REI Garage Sale to get amazing deals.

Adventure 16

If you're lucky enough to have an A16 Outfitters store near you (they have locations in Southern California), they carry a very well-curated selection of high quality gear. Imagine REI, but it's smaller and feels like family! They often have free community events such as photography slide shows and talks about outdoor gear.

Gossamer Gear

These guys are known for their amazing ultralight backpacks, but they also carry all kinds of other ultralight gear.

Backcountry and Sierra Trading Post

If you have an item in mind that you'd like to buy, it's worth doing a price check on these sites. They often have sales for certain brands or categories of gear and offer free shipping over a certain amount. (And if you're in Canada, shop at MEC.)

Steep and Cheap

Everything you find here is on sale! You'll have to check back often, but if you see something on here that you like, just get it before the time runs out, because items are around 50% off retail.


And for everything else, there's Amazon!

Happy shopping!

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