Packing list for overnight backpacking trip

I'd like to share with you my suggested packing list for an overnight backpacking trip. I keep my pack lightweight by leaving out items such as trowels, electronic gadgets, and recreational items such as books and decks of cards. These are fine to take car camping, but when backpacking, the question I ask myself is this: can I survive and be comfortable without this?

My must-haves

Leaving these items out would cause a health concern and greatly reduce my comfort or chance of survival if I got injured or stuck in a wilderness survival scenario.

Sleeping bag
Sleeping pad
Map in ziplock bag
Lighter or matches in waterproof container
Water bottle
Water filtration system
Pocket knife
Clothing - 1 pair of underwear, 1 pair of socks, 1 top/T-shirt, leggings and fleece/wool sweater for the night, fleece hat
Toiletries bag - Toothbrush + toothpaste + floss, wet wipes
First aid kit - bandaids, Neosporin ointment, gauze, tweezers
Wallet bag - ID, cash and credit card in ziplock bag, permit if required

Extras that I take on most trips

These items are great to have, but it's not the end of the world if you leave home without them, or you can usually find someone to borrow from or substitute it with something else.

Plastic sheet to use as ground cloth under the tent
Inflatable pillow
Duct tape around water bottle
Extra "survival gear" - whistle, safety blanket, compass, signaling mirror
Metal mug, doubles as cooking pot
Cap and/or sunglasses
Ziplock bags
Garbage bag for trash
Potty bag - toilet paper for 1 day, extra ziplock bags, small bottle of hand sanitizer
Cell phone or a camera in a sock case
Pencil + paper

Summer extras 

Bathing suit
Small towel

Winter extras (possible rain / cold conditions)

"Trash bag type" disposable raincoat
Long-sleeved base layer
Crampons if ice is a possibility

Food items

Here is a list of no-hassle food items that I generally pick and choose from. The goal is to take relatively lightweight, calorie-dense foods that don't require refrigeration. Also, I like to spend more time exploring and less time cooking elaborate meals, so I prefer taking instant foods and not raw ingredients.

Breakfast: Cereal and milk powder, instant oatmeal, breakfast bars, dried fruits. Tea, instant coffee, sugar.
Snacks: Granola bars, nuts, raisins, coconut chips, crackers, peanut M&Ms, candy bars, chips. Chocolate every day!
Lunch and dinner: Knorr's pasta/rice meals, Ramen, pita bread, sundried tomatoes. Peanut butter, jelly. Tortillas. Instant soups and noodles where you just add boiling water. Bagels, huge hunks of cheese and sausage! Tuna, hummus, turkey jerky. Ready-to-eat packets of Indian food. Vitamins.

Did I forget anything? What other items do you consider a must-have? Share in the comments below!

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