Mt Whitney Attempt: August Hailstorm

My Dad and I attempted to hike Mt. Whitney with a large group in the middle of August, which usually has bluebird skies. This is how it turned out.

There was a completely freak thunderstorm, for this time of the year. We later found out that some people in our group had it even worse and got caught in the storm before they made it to camp and had to spend the night under a rock!

Does anyone else have experiences with freak storms in the middle of summer? Share in the comments!


  1. That was nuts. Glad you guys were safe.

    1. Yep, live another day..! And lesson learned: if the weather shows possibility of rain, take crampons for snow and ice. :)

  2. Wow -- intense. Glad you made it as far as you did. Thx for posting.